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At Aureus, we realize that each client has specific problems that require unique solutions, not boilerplate products. We actively encourage your participation from project conception to successful completion, helping us understand your problems and develop and implement the solution that best suits your needs. We will account for the driving social and economic factors, and help you make a positive contribution to the environment.

For each project, Aureus’ objectives are to:

  • Engage your organization from top to bottom to develop solutions that are practical, understood, and accepted;
  • Empower you so that solutions are implemented and sustained; and
  • Ensure sustainable environmental protection.

Aureus conducts business in a manner that protects the Earth and its people, conserving resources without compromising the sustainability of future generations. Our commitment is supported by actions and behaviours that guide our efforts to minimize waste and maximize efficiencies through expanded recycling, re-use initiatives, energy conservation, green procurement, and carbon offsets.